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Meet Jane

  1. A life coach who helps women who wish to set up online business without capital. 
  2. A health coach helping others to stay active, eat right and be healthy. 
  3. A digital Entrepreneur who publishes DIY Jewlery Making Magazine
  4. A member of BNI Malaysia, connecting with many SME owners in Malaysia and internationally.

My Accomplishment

  1. Ex-national fencer
  2. Conquered mount Kota Kinabalu in 2019.
  3. Worked and spearheaded projects related to CRM/ Loyalty Marketing and Anaytics with few multinational companies such as Ogilvy, OCBC, Aimia, MAS, P&G Japan.
  4. 2010 Founded internet publishing business
  5. 2015 Expanded to ecommerce business
  6. BNI Titan  ‘Green’ Member
  7. 2020 Certified Immune Supplement Specialist