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Meet Jane

  1. A life coach who helps women who wish to set up online business without capital. 
  2. A health coach helping others to stay active, eat right and be healthy. 
  3. Believe and invest in stocks and business that will bring in passive income over mid to long term period. 
  4. A member of BNI Malaysia, connecting with many SME owners in Malaysia and internationally.
  5. A digital Entrepreneur who publishes DIY Jewlery Making Magazine

My Accomplishment

  1. Ex-national fencer
  2. Conquered mount Kota Kinabalu in 2019.
  3. Worked and spearheaded projects related to CRM/ Loyalty Marketing and Anaytics with few multinational companies such as Ogilvy, OCBC, Aimia, MAS, P&G Japan.
  4. 2010 Founded internet publishing business
  5. 2015 Expanded to ecommerce business
  6. BNI Titan  ‘Green’ Member
  7. 2020 Certified Immune Supplement Specialist